How Much Do Piano Movers Cost?

Hiring a Professional Piano Mover in Virginia can be extremely beneficial in helping you move your piano from not only one room to another within the same home or building, they can also help move your piano from one location to a completely new location.  Professional Virginia Piano Movers can help with all types of equipment, including concert grand pianos, baby grands and grand pianos, spinet pianos and even upright pianos, regardless if you are dealing with stairs, hard to navigate tight corners, inability to use a freight elevator, or even other challenging circumstances.  You can hire professional piano movers for long distance moves, or even just a short distance around your local town.

Piano customers may need help moving their piano to their new home.  If you have sold a piano and need help moving it to the new owners house (Please See Residential Movers), or even if you just purchased your piano and need to move a piano from the piano shop to your home.  Hiring a professional Piano Mover in Hampton Roads can be a daunting task if you’ve never needed to worry about it before; however, remember that proper piano moving takes professional training, expertise, and the right equipment to move safely—and there are multiple factors that will affect your cost.

Piano Movers – Hourly Rate

If you are specifically looking for only a piano mover, there are two different ways to charge.  One of these ways is by the hourly rate for piano moving services.  Companies charge hourly rates to cover the cost of your piano moving labor and the equipment needed for the move.  Travel fees are typically charged for every move—travel charges may be included into the hourly cost or charged as an extra travel fee, depending on the mover.

Piano Movers – Fixed Rate

Piano moving companies also charge a fixed rate for moving pianos.  Depending on the companies experience, additional costs may be required for moving pianos based on the specific weights and sizes.  Piano moving costs are determined based on specific locations inside of homes or buildings; additionally, particular obstacles in order to move the piano safely, in addition to possible other extenuating circumstances.  Below, please find a few examples of the average piano moving costs:

  • Concert grand piano, 9 feet in length: $425—these are the largest pianos available and can weigh over 1,000 pounds. With concert grands and most pianos, it is necessary to remove components such as the lid and tuning pedals and properly pack them before moving.

  • Grand piano, 7 feet in length: $375

  • Baby grand piano, typically 5–6 feet in length: $275

  • Upright piano, 4 feet or taller: $275

  • Studio piano, approximately 45 inches tall: $225

  • Spinet or console piano: $199

Piano Movers – Moving Equipment

Professional Piano Movers need to make sure they have the proper equipment to disassemble, package and safely move your piano within your home/house or across town or state lines.  Part of the cost factor that determines specific pricing for different piano sizes is the costs of owning and maintaining the proper equipment.  Tools used for specific piano moving needs included the following, among other equipment:

  • Moving truck

  • Four-wheel dolly

  • Pads and blankets

  • Locking piano belt

  • Skid boards / Piano boards

Piano Movers – Stairs

Remember, stairs are a very important factor when it comes to moving a piano.  Stairs mean more work and usually a much higher risk for local piano movers when it comes to properly and safely transporting your piano.  Some companies charge by the individual stair as opposed to charging for a complete flight of stairs as a result of the flight having varying numbers of stairs (some have as many as 20 steps or more).  Some typical charges are around $8.00 per step or stair.  Often, additional fees are applied for sharp turns; narrow doorways; moving a piano over grass, brick walk ways and longer distance moving.  Since all of these factors offer additional challenges, extra charges may be applied.

Retuning After a Piano Move

You should always have your piano tuned after it has been moved.  It doesn’t matter how careful you are, the instrument will sound its best after it has been professionally tuned.  We work with a few excellent piano tuners and professionals that can help you with your retuning, call us today and we can help recommend someone to you.

5 thoughts on “How Much Do Piano Movers Cost?

  1. Johnny Bairstrow says:

    Earlier I didn’t realize that pianos were so heavy! But now I know Piano moving is an art. It makes sense why my mother would prefer to have a professional handle moving her piano instead of letting me do it.

    • Helping Hands says:

      Your mother is a smart woman! It really does take art and a gentle hand to ensure safe delivery of such an expensive instrument.

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