How Long to Pack a 3 Bedroom Home?

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Have you made the choice to move?  Make sure to take into consideration all of the other important decisions that will need to be made, like packing and supplies.

How long does it take to pack?

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If you pack yourself:

Make Sure to Plan Ahead: No matter how organized you are, it always takes longer to pack yourself up than you originally planned.  It doesn’t matter the size of your home, it could take as much as double or triple time that you thought rather than hiring professional movers and packers,  It will take you much longer to pack up your house, no matter what size, than it would professional movers or packers. Keep in mind that you will want to begin the packing/moving process at least a month in advance, and pack up each room individually.

Buy the Correct Supplies: Don’t hesitate using used boxes, they’ll really help your budget, just make sure you don’t cut corners on your hauling items.  You want to make sure the boxes you use are reinforced and are sturdy enough hold your valuables.  There is nothing worse than taking all the time to pack your items and when you unpack, they’re cracked or worse, broken.

Helping Hands Chesapeake Movers
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Get Some Help: Although here at Helping Hands, we pride ourselves on affordable moving solutions, not everyone will be able to hire a full-service mover, but you can recruit the help of family, friends, or even your local community and religious groups to help tackle all of your boxes.

If You Hire Professionals:

Hiring a professional moving company will cut your packing time substantially; additionally, you won’t have to live around half-packed boxes days or weeks before your big move. Professional Movers like Helping Hands will come equipped with the proper materials and are trained experts.  They will service your move quickly and carefully.

Looking for a timeframe?  These are estimated timeframes, your move could take less or more time:

  • Studios/single-bedroom apartments: approximately 2-3 hours (including 2+ movers)
  • Two-bedroom apartments/houses: approximately 3-6 hours (including 2+ movers)
  • Three to four-bedroom houses: approximately 7-8 hours (including 2-3+ movers)
  • Five-bedroom houses (or more): approximately 8-10 hours (usually 4(+) movers)

Just remember, these are estimates for local moves and can also include unloading services.  If you have your own truck, you could also just hire moving labor to help with packing and unpacking your rented truck.  Although long distance moves time are the same for packing/unpacking, travel time and delivery time could cause this timeframe to be increased based on distance.  Just keep in mind, many moving companies book weeks or even months in advance, so book early.

Other things to consider that will affect your move time:

  • How much furniture you have that requires disassembly
  • Fragile items that require extra padding and packaging
  • The number and size of boxes you have

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